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NeuroMind TMS Services is a clinic that specializes in providing services for depression, anxiety, OCD, and mental health treatment. The founders of the clinic are Dr. Nazim Ali Idrisi and Mr. Harshal Agarwal. The aim of NeuroMind TMS is to offer effective and accessible mental healthcare to individuals, regardless of their location.

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Why to Take Early Treatment of Panic Attack

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Why to Take Early Treatment of Panic Attack

What is the meaning of panic attack?

Today if you are suffering from a disorder that includes panic attack then you have to take it seriously in the long way. So for this purpose you have to take early treatment of panic attack. This kind of attack denotes a feeling of fear and nervousness in the mind of a person. 

In this kind of disorder you might see some serious symptoms like increase in the heart beat, trembling of the entire body, tension in the muscles and shortness while doing breathing. This kind of disease is a kind of mental disorder. If you are a person with less self-confidence then you might be much prone towards with this kind of disorder.

Signs of panic attacks

How to deal with panic in a natural way?

You can get the treatment of panic attack in many ways. If you want to do this task in a natural way then we can suggest you many easy techniques in the long run.

  • Always have a positive attitude towards this kind of disorder and think that it will get cured soon.

  • When you suffer with this kind of attack then you have to take deep breathe. You can do this with the help of yoga exercises.

  • Just smell some perfumes like lavender and it will refresh your mind.

  • Spend some time at a peaceful place to get peace of mind.

Why to use TMS for curing panic disorder?

If you want a very strong solution to cure panic disorder then the option of TMS treatment for panic attack can bring good results to you. TMS is also called trans cranial magnetic stimulation. This kind of stimulation has a deep effect and heals the nervous system of the human brain well.

In this way it removes the feelings of fear and nervousness. Some doctors have reported that panic disorder cannot be cured permanently by taking medications. So in this condition, the option of TMS is very much safe and powerful to remove feelings of fear and depression. Here till now, other techniques could not become equal to TMS therapy.

TMS treatment a permanent option for curing panic attack

Now it has been found that the success rate of TMS treatment for panic attack is very high. This is because this kind of treatment is the best to treat all those disorders that are related to human brain and mind.

Even then most patients have reported us that they got 70 to 80 percent after then took TMS treatment from renowned psychiatrists and neuro surgeons. After you take this kind of treatment then you will get its benefits for as many years. On the other hand other options like taking medications will long last only for a couple of months.

Is panic disorder a common disease?

Some people say that panic attack or disorder cannot be cured forever. However many doctors have claimed that this kind of attack can be controlled and managed well when you take the needed treatment within time. Here you have to keep this problem under control by taking fear controlling pills.

Even then here this kind of attack has different effects from person to person. In most persons it has been seen that this kind of attack is common if they are anxious due to problems in their personal, professional and social life. Thus you cannot get effective relief from the problem of panic disorder without taking an effective treatment

How many times you need TMS to cure panic attack?

Now if we return back to curing the problem of panic attack with the help of TMS therapy then we will see that it might take some time. Here you have to visit your doctor for at least 5 times in a week. And this will be done for 6 weeks. Thus you have to get this treatment for at least 30 times.

Each treatment cycle will be provided to you for at least 20 to 40 minutes. This therapy is generally painless so here the patients are kept awake without giving any kind of anaesthesia to them. 

Our Final Conclusion

Finally we want to conclude that the disorder of panic attack can be cured with many options. If you have less money to get a prescribed treatment then you can take fear controlling pills after consulting a doctor or psychiatrist.

Here you can also take help from a neuro surgeon. You can also adopt some natural healing techniques like doing yoga and meditation. However here TMS procedure will be the most effective one for curing the disorder of panic attack.

If you need any kind of advice, you can visit NeuroMind TMS or you can call us at +91-8800328776

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