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NeuroMind TMS is a center that specializes in providing World class and advanced Treatment for mental health. NeuroMind TMS provides TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

TMS is FDA approved non-invasive, non-systemic medical treatment for individuals suffering from Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Dr. Nazim Ali Idrisi is the founder & Director of NeuroMind TMS. The aim of NeuroMind TMS is to offer practical and accessible mental healthcare to individuals, regardless of their location. NeuroMind TMS introduces a very highly and fast effective treatment therapy.

Get the safest, fastest-acting, most effective treatments for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Suicidality, and other mental health disorders. Over 160 clinical trials conducted over the last 23 years by most of the world’s leading scientific institutions have proven the effectiveness of TMS therapy for mental health.

Most Advanced Treatment for Mental Health

NeuroMind TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is at the forefront of modern mental health treatment, offering cutting-edge therapeutic solutions for various psychiatric conditions. With a strong emphasis on evidence-based practices, NeuroMind TMS employs innovative technology to help patients achieve mental wellness and regain control of their lives.

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Services at Neuromind TMS Center

Neuromind TMS center is delhi based one of the best treatment providers for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and bipolar disorder. Initial assessment is conducted by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists followed by diagnosis and treatment planning with the patient. The treatment is monitored constantly by best psychiatric doctors in India. Patients can take counseling with best psychiatrists online and offline at the center. 

The infrastructure is patient friendly and calm to contribute more to their relaxed state of mind It also provides various services like

● TMS Therapy
● Ketamine Infusion Therapy
● Depression Treatment
● Migraine Treatment
● Counseling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
● OCD Treatment
● Anxiety Treatment
● VR Therapy

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Mental Health and Role of Professionals

Mental health is a healthy state of mind that includes absence of any mental disorder and well-being of mind to deal with any ups and downs in life which can be proven as stressors of life. Decision making, effective learning, good motor skills, understanding and building relationships is collectively included in a healthy mental state. Having a sound and relaxed mind is very necessary for the development of mankind and vital for personal growth and development. Mental health disorders are assumed to be a big devastating thing but it is treatable and can get you back on track in life. Technology has made treatment for Depression, Anxiety PTSD, OCD, and various mental health treatments convenient and effective.

Mental health conditions come with various psychological disorders like impairment in functionality, risk & situations of self harm, and distress in life. People with lower levels of mental health should consult a medical psychiatrist who can help them in coping up with their stresses.

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders or Mental Illness refers to disturbances in the brain of an individual with emotional imbalancement, behavioural misconduct and affect on an individual’s cognition.

Some of the mental health disorders are prevalent in the modern era which are:

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety involves worry, behavioural disturbances, and fear in conditions of distress and immediate triggers from any past or current situations. There are different types of anxiety disorder like panic disorder (occurence of panic attack), generalised anxiety (excessive worries) and separation anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

● Condition of Helplessness

● Difficulty in Breathing

● Chest Tightness

● Muscle tension

● Recurring negative thoughts


Some people confuse mood fluctuations with depression but it is a lot different from their momentary responses towards the challenges of life. A depressed individual feels sadness, sorrow, emptiness, irritation and loss of interest and pleasure in things they used to love once.

Symptoms of Depression

● Loss of appetite

● Loss of interest

● Continuous feeling of sadness

● Hopelessness about the present and future.

● Disturbance in sleeping patterns

● Suicidal Tendencies

Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder or manic depressive illness experience mood and personality shift within minutes. Their actions change extremely from high to low and then low to high within a short period of time.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

● Increased talkativeness

● Impulsive and reckless behaviour

● Aggressive

● Dangerous behaviour

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a mental health illness which is triggered by occurence of traumatic events from the past. It can be triggered even by the thoughts and flashbacks of those events. Development of persistent perceptions towards some people, events or places can immediately show the effects of PTSD.

Symptoms of PTSD

● Self Destructive Behaviour

● Irritability, Social Exclusion and Isolation

● Emotional detachment from closed ones

● Feeling of Guilt and Loneliness

Do you observe any of these symptoms?

If yes, it’s time to consult a medical psychiatrist who is professional and expert in this field. Mental health illness is very common and is curable. There is no need to feel ashamed because everyone goes through personal and emotional turmoil. Neuromind TMS in Delhi is the best place for mental health treatment. In NeuroMind TMS, we have expertise in treating years long depression within 10-15 days without any medication.

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What is TMS therapy?

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a treatment procedure which uses electromagnets to stimulate the nerves which have stopped working. It is FDA approved for treating major depressive disorder, anxiety and resistant depression. These nerves are the reasons for these mental health issues. TMS therapy is painless and does not involve use of any drugs or medicines. An individual who is taking TMS therapy does not feel any discomfort and can watch TV, take meetings and can do whatever. It does not restrict the patient from doing anything. TMS is an American technique brought to India. Neuromind TMS provides the best TMS therapy with effective results within 10-15 days of the treatment. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is proven very effective in addiction, major depressive disorder, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder and in chronic pain.

Benefits of TMS

● It gives a long lasting effect and reduces the chances of relapse.
● It has fewer to negligible side effects.
● It is a non-invasive technique and does not involve use of any medicines.
● It is very effective in treating mental health illness.
● It reduces the need for taking any medicines like antidepressants or any other for treating mental disorders and illnesses.
● It is a personalized treatment method which means it can be changed as per the requirement of an individual.

How TMS is proven the best in treating mental health disorders like Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, etc.?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has shown outstanding results in long lived mental health issues like bipolar disorder, Depression, OCD, PTSD and anxiety. It stimulates some targeted regions of the brain. It stimulates the nerve endings which have stopped working and have died. TMS modules the neuroactivity of these nerves which helps an individual to think and relax at times of stress.

TMS therapy also helps in releasing neurotransmitters which regulates the mood of the individual which makes him happy and content. It also stimulates the adaptability of the brain to new challenges and changes in life. This is important for avoiding triggers on some conditions which are stressors of life. It also regulates protection against abnormalities that a person performs during the effect of mental health illnesses. Most importantly it does not leave any side effects.